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The Gravity of Inertia and Feeling Lost

Feeling Lost? It’s a pretty common feeling to have in between various phases in life. Some times this intermittent periods lasts only hours; sometimes days; sometimes even years. Its that need to move yet not knowing how to move. Look back into your life, you’ve probably come across this feeling a few times, most of the time when you’re in a dilemma. Continue reading

Weight Loss Program GUARANTEED! Using the latest in Sleep Technology!


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Now we know weight loss in the hypnotherapist's couch really works


Are you too busy to exercise? Can’t live without comfort food? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Now you can lose weight without exercise and without having to stop eating comfort food totally! Using the latest breakthrough in Sleep Technology, we will help you drop that dress size! Wearing that Speedo will be ultra sexy on you! How? Continue reading

I Bid You Good Night/Good Day


Will sleeping in really help you become a more successful person?

Sleeping late and Waking Up late is better for you! Or is it?


Are you a lark or an owl? Personally I’m an owl and I rejoiced when I came across this article that describes how owls do better than larks. Continue reading

Do Nothing VS Having Nothing To Do

I was at Chinatown during my lunchtime when I observed a whole row of elderly men just sitting around looking at people walking by. They all dressed well. When they sit in a row, sometimes they chitchat w their neighbors while most times they just stare at passer-bys. They remind me of the pigeons that perch on a fence. They seemed like they were just passing time, coo-cooing it away.  Well at least they were happy doing nothing.

To do nothing with the full intent that you are not doing anything is an art. It allows us to slow down and see the world blur by. It’s calming and highly rejuvenatory. It promotes better health and reduces the chances for heart disease too!

However, do not confuse it with having nothing to do. Some people just wander around from place to place, activity to activity because they have nothing to do and have no idea what to do. The only other thing that allows itself to behave like this is a head-less chicken. Wandering around without aim nor reason.

The difference between doing nothing and having nothing to do is the intent. One is done on purpose while the other is a product of consequence. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly, it’s time to take a break and rest. Wandering around, feeling restless and bored is a sure sign of burn out. It could be from work, studies, and even friction with a loved one. If your energy and mood is not kept in check, it could spiral into depression. Take a break, give yourself a chance to be like a pigeon n just perch somewhere. You deserve it.

If you need advise on how to do this, you may consult any of the ancients sitting in Chinatown. Who knows, you may be invited to hang out with them. If not, go pick up a new hobby!

The One Minute Fly

Do you treasure your life as much as the One Minute Fly? (:

How To Train Your Dra….Human!

Have you watched How To Train A Dragon? If you haven’t you should! It’s Dreamwork’s latest masterpiece. The focus of the movie isn’t so much on training the Dragon but more on the conflict within him: To be the axe swinging viking or to be the tinkerer that he enjoys being…

Another theme addressed by the movie is that Change. Would a change in the way of doing things affect the vikings? Or would they rather perish with tradition and the way-things-were-and-always-will-be done gripped firmly in their hands?

So just like Hiccup in the movie who trained dragons, lets take those principles that worked on Toothless the dragon and see if they work on humans:

The first step to interacting with Toothless was to feed him fish.

Upon first contact with your human, ensure that your human is some what hungry and try to look out for clues for his/her favorite food. While feeding your human, he/she might want to share the food with you. Gladly accept it even if you don’t really like it.

Step 2, Getting the dragon’s attention and bridging that bond.

After feeding your human, your human might still be wary of you.  Persevere. and as much as you can, try and get the human to allow you to rest your palm on his /her forehead; figuratively of course. Gain that trust by taking the first step.

Step 3, Hiccup used grass to comfort the nerves of the wild dragons.

Find your human’s favorite creature comfort. I believe for some humans, taking a wad of cash and pressing it near them can calm them down very much. If not, observe your human and see what makes him/her go soft in the knees and behave like a kitten in a feather bed or a pig in the mud.

Step 4, Hiccup found the soft spot of the dragons, located under their chin.

This is a tricky step. Finding that soft spot that you can physically manipulate on your human would be hard. Scratching them behind their ears won’t work, it could lend you in jail too! Well good luck on this.

Step 5, Hoping onto the dragons and riding them.

Well…you can’t do this on your human, it’s wrong in some sense. I guess this would be the part where you and your human have built a strong trust for each other.

To sum it all the steps in 2 words, “Be nice!” Smile more to people, respect their opinions, and share more with what you have. Before you know it, your human will be well trained!

The Benefits of Whining

WhiningI met up today to have lunch with a dear friend and he was telling me about a certain character who whines all day long in his company. Well I know people who whine and complain much too; i admit, I myself sometimes complain about the most minute of things, but this character apparently whines almost all the time. So I was thinking, what are the benefits of whining? Continue reading

Music Moovin

music-rocksMusic has been part of all cultures since the dawn of our species. It’s like a language that touches us in ways so subtle we might not even be aware of it. Can you imagine a day without music, when all you hear is the blare of traffic, the quiet humming of the air conditioning, the squibbling of lovers. Not even a melodious advert on the tv or background music in the office? I can’t, seriously.  Continue reading

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head


rainToday the sky was laden with clouds so full of rain that they hung close to earth. They looked like water bags just waiting to burst;an occassional gust of wind sends ripples across their skin of white fluff. It was going to pour. 

I like it when it rains. In our little country Singapore ,rain is not uncommon. Some people hate the rain because it ruins their plans. An outing to the beach; a family BBQ; a jog in the park; a quiet day by the sea; all dashed. What happens?High spirits sink, moods just trickle down the gutter. I say: what for? As joker puts it: why so serious?

It’s a good time to stay indoors and reflect. Take a good look at your year 2009. 1/6 of the year has passed and what have you accomplished? What did you want out of this year when you made your resolutions? What’s your progress? It’s time to stop and check. 

Sit in a comfortable seat, take out a piece of paper or a diary and jot down what you’ve accomplished. Even the small things like what books you read,how much weight you’ve lost etc. 

Then take out or write down your plans that were made at the start of the year. Now make a comparison. Are you seeing progress?or have you been slacking off? Either way, work on it. Don’t put off your plans, get to them. No matter how little you’ve accomplished, at least you’ve taken the first few steps. Now all you need to do is to complete it. 

Go try it. Get bumped!

*Well dancing in the rain is another alternative if you don’t want to do a review.”

Book Review!

The Mind Gym!The Mind Gym! 

I came across the lovely little green book while I was walking in the library. The cover is simple, yet very attractive…so I couldn’t help myself and took it down to read. If you have not read it….GO AND GET IT.

What is it about?

It goes through with you scenarios and instances in life that you can work on. For example, your relationships, your ability to communicate with others, how to unlock your creativity. Yes I know..sounds like any other DIY book. BUT, the difference in this book from others is that instead on talking all the airy fairy ideas in the air, most of its ideas are backed by psychological data and they come in bite sized chapters. The writing style is very simple and easy to understand. Their analogies are realistic and almost anyone can relate to and best of all, every page of the book just gets ideas pumping into your head; you just feel like hopping up and about to get some work done!

Who is it for?

People who feel that they can’t reach their full potential; People who want to do even better; People who are having relationship problems; People who want to know the art of negotiation better; People who generally want to be better people (:

Would I recommend it?

….I’m blogging about it..what do you think.

Ok don’t wait any more…go grab a copy. I heard there are two sequels to it: Relationships and Give Me Time. I’m definitely getting my grubby fingers all over them.