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Love and Relationships: Paulo Coelho

Ok I made a mistake, these are hedgehogs. Cute nonetheless!

I came across this from Facebook and I’m sharing it here. I really like this short post. Its a sweet little story.  All text in this story is by Paulo Coelho and you may read his blog from the link at the bottom. Continue reading

Inception : A Hypnotherapist’s Perspective

The subconscious mind as portrayed by the movie is brilliant! Yes our subconscious mind is that powerful, yes it is that creative and most importantly, yes it is that malleable.

*Spoiler Alert* If you have not watched the movie please do not read this, well you could if you’re really curious. Continue reading

The Importance of Communication in the Home

Sometime in February a girl ran away from home (. The news hit the local papers but i lost the clipping, much apologies). When shown the article to parents and people, comments such as these were heard: she’s dumb; Why will a girl want to run away from a normal life; What a stupid girl!

When the parents who read the article were asked about their family, they proudly proclaim: My child will never do this! It’s impossible for my child to do this! And yes it is rather hard for a child to actually run away.

The obstacles are just too many, food, shelter, water and most important of all money. Mind you running away is not an easy thing to do. You will need a large enough stimulus to actually make s child take that drastic an action. I found this on Yahoo:

i’m 11 years old and i’m in middle school. My life is horrible for many reasons like my grandpa died, my whole school makes fun of me all the time (they call me emo), and my family doesnt treat me right. i’ve had many suicde thoughts and have tried to kill myself only once. Should i run away? i dont know what to do and i dont want to tell my parents because they just dont understand… What should i do?

So when the child runs away, is the child at fault or is the parent? It’s very easy to lay the blame to a child who cannot comment for herself.  It’s always easier to push the blame to someone else than to look long and hard at the mirror. It has always seemed the case: if the child is misbehaving, it’s because he’s naughty.  When will parents themselves see that they are part of this problem or rather the root of it?

Think long and hard mum and dads.. This is something for you to read.

Hugging Durians

In light of recent encounters with clients, friends and relatives, I noticed something that every one of us tend to do at times. We like to hug durians; hug them close against our bare flesh.

I think it’s because we humans all have a love for drama Continue reading

A Short Note on Love

CornHello every body, it’s been a while since I last wrote; I’ve been busy with the renovations at my clinic. Anyways, I was walking around in the malls last week when I came across this piece of writing in a joke store. It might make sense to some while irritate others, either way, I think its rather meaningful: Continue reading