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Certified Hypnotherapist Course July 2011

Using Hypnosis to Access the Unconscious

Hypnotherapists can help you access your unconscious abilities

Our current course just ended and the budding therapist are well into their practicum. They are currently sitting through real sessions with real clients as they observe and learn form the more seasoned hypnotherapists. Some of them have even brought their friends who are in need over to our center for a hypnotherapy session. Continue reading

Sheepless Sleep

This is an article that I wrote for Cozycot on Sleepless nights. Hope it helps those of you who have problems sleeping. If not, hope you enjoy the read!

It’s the night before an important day. You know you need a good night’s sleep, so you go to bed earlier than usual. As you close your eyes, you wait. You try your best to sleep, but the harder you try, the more difficult it gets. Time trickles away slowly and before your know it, the night has gone by. There goes your confidence to perform well the next day. Can you imagine if this happens on a daily basis? Continue reading

A New Year! A New Dawn!

Step into a New Day

Over the past decade, we saw the rise of high speed internet all over the country; we saw the rise of a few leaders like Obama; We saw the demise of a few; Global catastrophes seem to add on every year; The Human Genome was mapped; Space tourism became a possibility; We had NEWater! Well every year something exciting happens. Do new changes happen to you? Continue reading

It Is The Simplest Of Things That Shape Our Lives

I can’t help but to share this. It speaks to the heart. In our quest for technological advancement and complexity, we strive constantly to put aside the simple things for bigger, better and pricier.  Yet many times, these material things can never represent what we truly want to convey. Continue reading

Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety; The Easiest Way to Overcome Them!


Public Speaking Phobia

Please Don't Scrutinize Me!!!


Of the 9 most common fears in the world, my favorite is Public Speaking. Its the only fear that once you  overcome, can launch you to success. Some people feel the minor version of public speaking, and that is presenting to small crowds, such as sales meetings, sales with customers etc. If you feel anxious, its absolutely normal. How then can you overcome that fear? Continue reading

How To Make Home Made Prozac

Is Prozac or Anti-depressants really good for you?

Get ready to get dirty!

*Disclaimer: I am not a medically trained doctor nor psychiatrist. Please follow this recipe responsibly and at your own risk!*

It is a tough process whenever it comes to drug manufacturing in the kitchen.  This version of it will produce the same happy hormones in abundance and you definitely won’t overdose on it. You will need 3 extra pairs of hands because most of the steps require concurrent effort.  Ingredients that you will need to produce Prozac in your kitchen: Continue reading

I Bid You Good Night/Good Day


Will sleeping in really help you become a more successful person?

Sleeping late and Waking Up late is better for you! Or is it?


Are you a lark or an owl? Personally I’m an owl and I rejoiced when I came across this article that describes how owls do better than larks. Continue reading

Alcoholism, Depression And You!


Being able to have fun prolongs your life

A little bit of Alcohol Could prevent depression


I came across this article today and I found it very interesting. It writes about how people who abstain from alcohol actually have a higher chance of falling into depression! My goal is not to promote drinking by sharing this article Continue reading

Do Nothing VS Having Nothing To Do

I was at Chinatown during my lunchtime when I observed a whole row of elderly men just sitting around looking at people walking by. They all dressed well. When they sit in a row, sometimes they chitchat w their neighbors while most times they just stare at passer-bys. They remind me of the pigeons that perch on a fence. They seemed like they were just passing time, coo-cooing it away.  Well at least they were happy doing nothing.

To do nothing with the full intent that you are not doing anything is an art. It allows us to slow down and see the world blur by. It’s calming and highly rejuvenatory. It promotes better health and reduces the chances for heart disease too!

However, do not confuse it with having nothing to do. Some people just wander around from place to place, activity to activity because they have nothing to do and have no idea what to do. The only other thing that allows itself to behave like this is a head-less chicken. Wandering around without aim nor reason.

The difference between doing nothing and having nothing to do is the intent. One is done on purpose while the other is a product of consequence. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly, it’s time to take a break and rest. Wandering around, feeling restless and bored is a sure sign of burn out. It could be from work, studies, and even friction with a loved one. If your energy and mood is not kept in check, it could spiral into depression. Take a break, give yourself a chance to be like a pigeon n just perch somewhere. You deserve it.

If you need advise on how to do this, you may consult any of the ancients sitting in Chinatown. Who knows, you may be invited to hang out with them. If not, go pick up a new hobby!

Hugging Durians

In light of recent encounters with clients, friends and relatives, I noticed something that every one of us tend to do at times. We like to hug durians; hug them close against our bare flesh.

I think it’s because we humans all have a love for drama Continue reading