You’re the Gardener of Your Life

A weekend spent going through “The Art of Hypnosis” workshop with Dr Roy Hunter was really good for a practicing hypnotherapist like me. People ask me why do I still attend the workshop even though it simply goes through the basics? Well if I get a chance to learn to do things the way a guru does, why not? So I see a lady volunteer to go up for a demonstration and rudely resisted the demonstration that Roy Hunter wanted to give. Then at break time I heard her telling other students that he gave Roy a chance to prove his worth because if he was a Guru, he should be able to hypnotize anyone… What balderdash! I look at her and see all the misexpectations and myths that have taken root in her mind about hypnosis; which makes me reflect on my own clients. This image then crept into my mind:

Our mind is like a Patch of fertile soil when we were young. You can plant anything you want. What you think is what you plant. So if you plant lots of self-defeating thoughts, your patch of soil will let these thoughts grow and grow. Then again most people think a combination of nice and not nice thoughts; your patch of soil would look overall nice or not nice depending on which thoughts prevail! One thing is for sure, for any client to get better, they need to be planting flowers for of they keep planting corpses, they’re most likely going to get a cemetery instead.

Every client that comes to me gets a chance to regrow their land, the only issue would be what would they want to grow on it 🙂

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