Past Writings


A collection of all my past posts. Every story is different! I hope you like them (:

Organized from the most recent to the oldest:

  1. I Want I Want I Want and the Demise Of Happiness
  2. Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup
  3. A Shard Of Glass
  4. The Last Drop
  5. You’re Never Truly Alone
  6. Crossroads
  7. Sheepless Sleep
  8. What Are You Going To Do With That?
  9. Can You Truly Live with Your Parents?
  10. To Climb A Mountain
  11. Choking On Your Words
  12. Closing Cycles
  13. Have You Heard Of Ted Williams
  14. A New Year A New Dawn!
  15. WikiLeaks And Yourself
  16. Love And Relationships by Paulo Coelho
  17. The Cruel Ways Of Expectations
  18. Its A Wonderful Life
  19. Do You Fall For The Positivity Trap?
  20. Gaming Addiction?
  21. Drive: The Science Behind It
  22. Who Are You? Don’t Let Your Happiness Get In The Way of Your Happiness
  23. 5 Humble Tips on Humility
  24. Resolve, The Spirit To Keep On Going
  25. Listen To Your Body To Communicate Effectively
  26. Its A Beautiful Day And I Can’t See It
  27. Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down
  28. Be Thankful For What You Have
  29. I Smile Because I Want To See You Smile!
  30. Is There Really A Magic Pill That Makes Troubles Go Away
  31. It Is The Simplest Of Things That Shape Our Lives
  32. Stage Fright And Performance Anxiety; The Easiest Way To Overcome Them!
  33. How To Make Homemade Prozac
  34. Weight Loss Program Guaranteed!
  35. Failure? That’s A Pretty Name!
  36. Hypnotherapy: How I Make Men Cluck Like Chickens
  37. The Blessings Cycle: Why Good Fortune Doesn’t Shine On Everyone All The Time
  38. Barney Stinson Will Save The World
  39. Lose Control Of Yourself Before You Lose It
  40. I Bid You Good Day/ Good Night!
  41. Alcoholism, Depression And You
  42. Will You Allow Your Dreams To Be Condemned
  43. The Secret of Life
  44. Inception: A Hypnotherapist’s Perspective
  45. Do Nothing VS Having Nothing To Do
  46. Getting Out Of The Fog Of Uncertainty
  47. Is It Hard To Hypnotize Children?
  48. Something I heard Today
  49. Diary Of A Reformed Elitist
  50. Don’t Work. Be Hated. Love Someone
  51. How To Train Your Dra…Human!
  52. Be Human..Change
  53. The Importance Of Communication In The Home
  54. I’m Aiming For Failure
  55. Hugging Durians
  56. The Fringe Benefits Of Failure
  57. The Last Lecture
  58. Dear Mum/Dad
  59. Lostology
  60. Fear, The Mind Killer
  61. Hello World!
  62. A Short Note On Love
  63. Using Toothpicks To Build A Foundation
  64. A New Me!
  65. Persuading A Square To Be Round
  66. I Hate You Neil Gaiman
  67. Te Benefits Of Whining
  68. Empathy
  69. Man Vs Wild! Facing Up To Hierarchical Abuse
  70. Please Chill
  71. Phasing In & Phasing Out
  72. Music Moovin
  73. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  74. Lets Start Small
  75. Brave New World
  76. All’s Grey In The Office?
  77. Dreams And Pink Fluff

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