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In these posts, you will find courses or workshops that could help you understand more about hypnosis or maybe even yourself.

Certified Hypnotherapist Course July 2011

Using Hypnosis to Access the Unconscious

Hypnotherapists can help you access your unconscious abilities

Our current course just ended and the budding therapist are well into their practicum. They are currently sitting through real sessions with real clients as they observe and learn form the more seasoned hypnotherapists. Some of them have even brought their friends who are in need over to our center for a hypnotherapy session. Continue reading

Celebrating World Hypnosis Day 2011

There really is such a thing as World Hypnotism Day organized by various hypnosis institutes around the world. Our center will be celebrating this very day by providing FREE hypnotherapy sessions usually worth $200. Slots are limited so do call to book an appointment early. Our number is 63336776. This promotion is for 2nd Jan (Sunday) and 4th Jan (Tuesday) 2011 only!

Certified Hypnotherapist Course in February 2011!


Using Hypnosis to Access the Unconscious

Hypnotherapists can help you access your unconscious abilities


Our current course is on the way. We are into our 2nd week of the course and the participants are definitely enjoying themselves. It was an exciting first session where they learnt to employ suggestibility tests! This week, they will be diving into the deep unconscious and learning to really bring a person down into the trance state. Continue reading

My book is finally out!

New Release



Its A Bowl Full of Ice Cream!


Continue reading

Certified Hypnotherapist Course in October 2010


The Therapy Chair

Certified Hypnotherapist Course in Singapore


Would you like to help people at a deeper level and learn the techniques of Inception?  Came upon a roadblock while practicing another therapeutic practice, maybe Hypnotherapy could augment your abilities. Hypnae Center will be conducting another Certified Hypnotherapist Course in October.  Continue reading

Stephen Gilligan and Generative Trance


Stephen Gilligan

Stephen Gilligan is the student of Milton Erickson that most resembles him


Hey people,

Me and my center are going down to Kota Kinabalu on 1st of October for a 3day seminar with Stephen Gilligan Ph.d on Generative Trance. Apparently its a technique that can let people enter trance state without the use of hypnosis or NLP. Continue reading

3 Day Learn To Hypnotize Your Friend Seminar!

We’re conducting a 3 day intensive seminar where we will teach you how you can use hypnotic techniques to  enhance your well being and to help another person. We will teach you:
To use hypnosis
To recognize subconscious signals from another person
To tame your fears and phobias
To release anger in a safe manner
To structure your own self hypnosis session
To hypnotize another person!

It’s on Sep 3,4,5. For more details please visit:

New Website Up!

Yes! Finally our new center website is up. I’ve been busy working on the website and our latest workshops and therefore have not been able to write.

Please visit our new website! (: