My book is finally out!

New Release



Its A Bowl Full of Ice Cream!


ABOUT THE BOOK A Bowl Full of Ice Cream is a collection of 18 fascinating and delightful short stories designed to inspire change and motivate excellence in children. Develop your child’s powers of creativity and imagination through these stories, and discover how to solve problems. Find out what important lessons Hector the hydra, Tailor Tail, and Lily Lye learned. Join Pam the bird as she goes on a quest to find her voice, and take a walk with Fiona Greenfingers in a magical forest. Watch as Wendy stirs up a tornado and Fo floats in a bubble. Sail the high seas with Peggy the pirate, dive underwater with little Grum, and fly up into the sky with brave Lucy. Come and listen to Uncle Dino tell all these stories and more!
Praise for A Bowl Full of Ice Cream

Our aim in A Bowl Full of Ice Cream is to teach children to focus their attention on the stories and the values embedded in them. Children will learn how they can manage their emotions and feelings. They will also be encouraged to develop their powers of creativity and imagination…. In A Bowl Full of Ice Cream, TK Cheng brings us on a wonderful journey with his gift of storytelling.”

Dr Casey Chua


To obtain a copy of the book, you should be able to find it in local bookstores namely Kinokuniya, Times, MPH and Popular Bookstore. The books are going at around $26.70 each.

You can order the books from TK, email him at and it will arrive at your doorsteps in a few days time!


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