Will You Allow Your Dreams To Be Condemned?


Dreams, Achieving Your Dreams, Goal Setting, Courage, Perseverance, Breaking Limitations


When Galileo theorized that earth was not the center of the universe, he was condemned for his blasphemous ideas. His theory goes against centuries of teaching and conventional thought. Who believed him? He was deemed a danger to society and shunned by all. His ideas were mocked and disregarded. Would you be able to hold onto your dreams with such torment?

Look how far his idea has developed? Not only did he revolutionize the idea that Earth is not the center of the universe, he too proved that conventional wisdom, may not always be right. Do you have an idea you always wanted to try, yet people and friends around you mock it and plant the seeds of doubt in you? Push on.

People thought the Wright brothers were  loony; Benjamin Franklin was Death to his neighbours because he sought to contain electricity; Controversy shrouded the double helix before it was proved; Ideas that made the world never had it easy, so don’t expect yours to be.

“Bullets may riddle my body, but my body is just a mask. For beneath the mask is an idea and an idea is bulletproof.” – V for Vendetta. Dare to dream and fight for your dream. Breathe the breath of life into your ideas and create them with your hands. Live your life as a producer not a looter. Never ventured, never gained, never lived.

For Galileo’s revolutionary piece of work:


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