How To Train Your Dra….Human!

Have you watched How To Train A Dragon? If you haven’t you should! It’s Dreamwork’s latest masterpiece. The focus of the movie isn’t so much on training the Dragon but more on the conflict within him: To be the axe swinging viking or to be the tinkerer that he enjoys being…

Another theme addressed by the movie is that Change. Would a change in the way of doing things affect the vikings? Or would they rather perish with tradition and the way-things-were-and-always-will-be done gripped firmly in their hands?

So just like Hiccup in the movie who trained dragons, lets take those principles that worked on Toothless the dragon and see if they work on humans:

The first step to interacting with Toothless was to feed him fish.

Upon first contact with your human, ensure that your human is some what hungry and try to look out for clues for his/her favorite food. While feeding your human, he/she might want to share the food with you. Gladly accept it even if you don’t really like it.

Step 2, Getting the dragon’s attention and bridging that bond.

After feeding your human, your human might still be wary of you.  Persevere. and as much as you can, try and get the human to allow you to rest your palm on his /her forehead; figuratively of course. Gain that trust by taking the first step.

Step 3, Hiccup used grass to comfort the nerves of the wild dragons.

Find your human’s favorite creature comfort. I believe for some humans, taking a wad of cash and pressing it near them can calm them down very much. If not, observe your human and see what makes him/her go soft in the knees and behave like a kitten in a feather bed or a pig in the mud.

Step 4, Hiccup found the soft spot of the dragons, located under their chin.

This is a tricky step. Finding that soft spot that you can physically manipulate on your human would be hard. Scratching them behind their ears won’t work, it could lend you in jail too! Well good luck on this.

Step 5, Hoping onto the dragons and riding them.

Well…you can’t do this on your human, it’s wrong in some sense. I guess this would be the part where you and your human have built a strong trust for each other.

To sum it all the steps in 2 words, “Be nice!” Smile more to people, respect their opinions, and share more with what you have. Before you know it, your human will be well trained!

One response to “How To Train Your Dra….Human!

  1. Gonna Try that on the ladies hehe…

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