How To Make Home Made Prozac

Is Prozac or Anti-depressants really good for you?

Get ready to get dirty!

*Disclaimer: I am not a medically trained doctor nor psychiatrist. Please follow this recipe responsibly and at your own risk!*

It is a tough process whenever it comes to drug manufacturing in the kitchen.  This version of it will produce the same happy hormones in abundance and you definitely won’t overdose on it. You will need 3 extra pairs of hands because most of the steps require concurrent effort.  Ingredients that you will need to produce Prozac in your kitchen:

1. Sodium hydroxide
2. 150g of concentrated rock glucose
3. 2 liters of de-glucosed Carbonated Cola
4. 500g of Fine Ground Wheat
5. 4 liters of di-hydrogen oxide
6.  A dozen large eggs
7. 20 Small Clear Plastic Bags
8. 2 rows of mentos

You need to divide your assistants first; one of them are to stay with you and the other two at the otherside of the table.
Now take a whisk and mix items 1,2,5 and 2 liters of item 5  in a large pan. When the mixture has the consistency of wet cement, divide the pan in two.
At the same time get your assistants to place the dihydrogen oxide into clear plastic bags, 100g each.
Concurrently get the remainder of your manpower to divide the de-glucosed Carbonated Cola into  2 bottles.
Now you are all set for the final step. People on both sides of the table move backwards towards  opposite sides of the room and get ready. Both teams activate the final concoction by dropping their row of menthos into their canister of de-glucosed Carbonated Cola  and start throwing the eggs, water bombs and chunks of dough at each other!!! 🙂

Pure Fun is the best way to defeat depression

Pure Fun Is The best way to defeat depression

Can you feel that rush go up through your head when you play and do silly things? Many times, what we as adults lack in life is just plain unadulterated fun. We need to lift up that visor of judgment once in a while and just let loose and monkey around. If you’re feeling depressed right now, ask yourself: “When’s the last time I played?”.

Play enough and your body would have produced as much serotonine effects as any over the counter anti-depressant, maybe even more! When you’re feeling down, try adding some playfulness into your life and watch this magic ingredient work its thing on you ;)!


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